Saturday, 22 October 2011


The music in my veins is fading,
like a slow steady thrumming running out of my veins.
Sweetheart tell me, is it my head or my heart that's out of time?
Please count the rhythm for me, please be my metronome.
Please be my metronome, please be mine.
- This seems to be all that I can write for now, that is half decent. In the meantime, enjoy a pissed off poem below, that is pure rubbish.

There are icicles in my heart,
I am cold and dark and cruel,
I am pushing against a wall that seems to never move,
Break it down and it'll break you

Find me on the edge of the knife
I am the grazed, shaking fingers scrabbling through the dirt
There are icicles in my heart,

Fight me on the ocean deep
I am a million tonnes of pressure on your chest,
The wall you push against that never seems to move

Breathe me under greying skies
I am the chlorine gas filling the chamber,
I am the poison that festers in your soul
For I am everything you wish you'd be,
Break me down and I will break you.

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