Saturday, 15 May 2010

it's happening now and it's always been like this.

We are just drifting forward,
and living in the moment,
keep pushing up the blinds,
the shutters across your eyes
drawing down oceans of calm,
all the scars across your heart
they kept you standing proud

I built these foundations with my own hands,
they're fumbling forward, just drifting onwards,
join on and draw near,
race on with laughter courting tears,
sweetheart, are you the one calling,
my lover, bright rapture, the one who I fear?

Truths sung as lips chasing dreams,
shaking the venerated, I hope whisper brings
in the echoes of your arms and subeams
we race forwards, slipping in and out
of your ever elusive scheme.

|I do have a cool picture to upload but I'm tired. The lack of creative output manifested and overpowered my simple nature :)

Oh, by the way,
"Always like this" by Bombay Bicycle Club

No mas.

\freddie x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

It takes time to realize your life's just what you make of it.

Its summer. Its good. I've missed the sun and yesterday was great. I'd worried about it sucking, but it didn't.
And something I've not felt since getting lost earlier last year is beginning to come back :

When I was little, I would always ruin everything by rushing it. It had to happen right then otherwise...something, anything bad would happen. I guess something, anything I'm learning is that some things take time and all you can do is try. Sure, if you fail it kills but isn't that the point? Oh, how sweet victory to those who have tasted failure? Right?

So I guess I should stop pushing things. Although, some "things" admittedly need a good hard push... right out of their high horses :)

So my wish list now:
1) Discipline
2) Maturity
3) Inner calm ;)
4) You
5) God

poetry time? okay fine. bear in mind this was written in 20 minutes.

Deep Sea Diver 4/5/2010

We ran the length of the open sea,
the deep sea diver, just him and me,
fairytale books and glistening dreams,
we dived the depths, just him and me.

The world's inverted in blue-green sea,
the greatest adventure, just him and me,
so waste the day and shoot the breeze
we found the treasure just him and me.

And all encased in metal suit,
the friend, the captain, the losses grew,
all dreamy depths, all dreamy lows,
hysteria's a cancer that grows and grows

So if he follows then I will lead,
the deep sea diver just him and me,
the greatest adventure of all my days,
was in our heads
on the bed where we lay

i'll be revising that soon. But for now, i'm going to clean :)