Monday, 15 November 2010

previously on buffy the vampire slayer...

ok so i think i'll explain myself.
I really feel like writing, so I will.

That's it. I love revolutionary, hard hitting words on paper and I'm trying to recreate that. Not with much success often, but hell. I try don't I?

This blog has been going a long time now, and I'm not sure what it's for. A creative outlet? An unspeaking therapist?
It's true most of the things here really are laid out for the world to see. Blogs are strange if you think about it.
They're often an open invitation to come and see the inside of someone's head...please?

Are we really that misunderstood, that unrelatable that words on a screen are the only way we express ourselves. Am I really like that too?

No. I don't think so. Because ideas are viral. They spread and catch like fire in a haybarn, to the right people. I think blogs are just here to remind us what was in our heads.
And I like it like that.

Come look at this site

I'm going to be making the pecan pie when I'm a granny for my grandchildren to remember me by ;)

The hunting ground

It's the light of the fire that's flooding through the park tonight and everyone is gathered round, some huddled, some at arms length. It's almost winter now and everyone here can tell, the girls in their dresses shiver slightly as steam rises from open, laughing mouths.
The fire itself casts a iridescent, ethereal glow on this unlikely meeting place. It's as if we are all pixies or magical beings participating in an ancient ritual of sipping vodka, staggering around and then as the night draws to a close, coupling off like woodland creatures, scared of their own company.
Because god forbid you're the one left behind to nurse that hollow feeling in your chest, the one that's put there to tell you you're not complete, you're never complete.
Leon has been telling me all this damning stuff about society and the rigors, rituals and expectations that have been put on us. His girlfriend stands glassy-eyed a few feet away, not really participating in the conversation, her long blonde hair flowing and at times, the fire behind seemed to mix her hair with the red-haired girl next to her.
They were a weird couple, like fire and ice.
Leon was all fire, hot-tempered and full of ideas - ideas which at first don't seem to affect you until his revolutionary thought chain licks up into your consciousness to burn and char away your previous beliefs.
Jas was ice. She was quick, to the point, unfaltering and seemingly guarded. Her ideas were shared if she was encouraged, but she took no pleasure in making people see as she did. She was stubborn and liked her ideas to stay hers. Jas was perfection in a blonde-haired blue-eyed package.
Who knows how they got together, but they equally needed each other as much as they fought.

A girl in front of us was laughing loudly, carefree as the boy besides casually slung an arm around her shoulders and left it there. That's as smooth as it gets here.

I wasn't too interested. A couple of us eventually went home to Leon's and the night faded to inconsequential words in the past tense as I basically blacked out into his sofa.