Sunday, 19 July 2009

Because I'm proud of my brother.

On the BBC? Yep. So what if it's a blurry screen, it's more intriguing.

"This is the summer of our discontent

Made virtuous fury by the sins of Minster; In the pubs and workplaces old angers have new vent, As we find those whom we elected to represent - At best careless, at worst bent.

This is a Britain where Banker's O/Ds are open-ended And child poverty viewed an acceptable price to pay; Where massive payouts are stoutly defended, And we're told the gloom is here to stay.

This is a country that is feeling ill at ease, A land of the blind where a one-eyed man could be king; Where the solutions are found while shooting the breeze, Where we catch it, bin it, and kill as we sneeze. "
-Nigel Pounds, Reading

and the beginning of the beginning.

Cliche? I think so. I've spent at least 3 years of english pouring over cliches though, so familiarity begs me to start with one. I'm a creature of habit I guess.

So, it's 16. The teenage angst years?
I was under the impression that at 16 everybody's brain exploded and every word was tipped with sexual innuendos, that your face would suddenly break out in spots and you'd be shag shag shag, kissy slugs slurping everywhere. I blame the media.

They absolutely love to sensationalize.
At 13 I was closer to that stereotype than now. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but that's when every word sounded like an innuendo.

I had big plans for myself to have achieved by now. I love planning out my future, what I'd want to achieve by a certain age and for some reason I was under the impression that things would be magically better by 16.
What a shame. This is meant to be the best summer of my life. Just finished GCSEs and ages of partying. But no, it's not. My parents are stood by with surveillance equipment just encase I'm secretly a whore who works at the strip club and sneaks out at night to shag, shag, shag and yesterday obviously I got pregnant and am going to town "again!?!?" because I'm going to get an abortion. Call the catholics! Tie her down until she sees the error of her ways! That's not fair, actually. I can't stereotype on a denomination.
They let their fears overtake their irrationality I guess.