Monday, 20 February 2012

The Enigmatic Route

The Enigmatic Route.

It's the enigmatic route,

It's being told to shut my thighs,
But I'm the mother of all your vices
and you're opening your flies.

We're not the furthest thing from heaven,
however hard you try,
But still I'm buying a 5 foot 4 coffin
and I'll burying my lies.

If there's no smoke without fire,
It's not love if you don't fight,
and if our winter turns to summer,
I hope you'll see me in a different light.

This is a really old poem of mine, but I still like it :)

I really have no excuse not to publish all of these now do I?

Friday, 27 January 2012


I never thought

There was a resounding thump from inside my chest,
reminiscent of a base drum this morning,
it woke me from sleep and opened my eyes to warm lights,
heavy thoughts and deep breathing.

It was accompanied by a strange feeling,
a moment stolen, I'm still reeling,
Because lately you've been the sun,
pushing away my rain,
Lately you've been the light,
chasing darkness from my brain.

This resounding thump continued,
and with my head on your chest,
I could hear your heartbeat,
the sound I thought I'd put to rest.

I thought I'd forgotten love,
I thought I'd forgotten trust,
because lately it's been lust and fights,
I've honed my quick trigger finger and my thick steel walls,
but you are something different, you have made me fall.

And in your arms, through green-gold haze
I'll admit, just this once,you could come and calm the storms
I never though, I'd ever feel this way
I never thought you would stop my pain

--- ok that was rubbish, mainly because I was focusing on my spanish poetry ...

tienes los ojos como las estrellas,
como la interminable mar,
incomparable, sin fin,
ilimitadas puntas en mi alma, donde esperas

tu voz es como el sonido de hogar
como las olas se estrellan alrededor de nosotros,
donde estamos los captivos del naturaleza,
bajo el cielo, si no viviendo en cielo

tus labios estan como los abrazos de suenos,
se apresuran por avante y se raza la oscuridad
hasta la madrugada, cuando me olvido de mi en tus brazos
y saludamos el sol naciente con pequenos andanadas de extasis